"Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done."

- Bryan Stevenson

Sex Crime Attorney in San Francisco

If you have been charged with, or merely accused of, any kind of sex crime, then you NEED AN ATTORNEY.  Why is this so important?  Sex crimes are the exception to “innocent until proven guilty”.  The court of public opinion will judge you and find you guilty long before any evidence is presented.  All it takes is 1 person with a vendetta to ruin your life.  This will likely cost you your job, your friends, and relationships.  It is not uncommon for accusations to be made out of anger, guilt, shame, or monetary desire.  And your reputation will be dragged through the mud in the process of clearing your name.

Accusations of rape, molestation, ‘sexting’, solicitation of minors, prostitution, paying for prostitution, indecent exposure, child pornography, and lewd conduct are all examples of sex crimes you can get charged with.  Any one of these, particularly when involving a weapon and/or a child, has the ability to destroy your life.  And sadly, people get falsely accused of these all the time. Or, the situation gets blown out of proportion, and the defendant gets a far harsher punishment than what would have been appropriate for what actually happened.

If you are facing any kind of sex crime, get an attorney who has a solid track record, is experienced, and will treat you like a person, not a statistic.