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"It is better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer."

- Sir William Blackstone

San Francisco Criminal Defense Lawyer

Marsanne Weese - Attorney at Law dedicated to defending the rights of the accused.

When you work with Marsanne, you will not feel alone in the courtroom, and can rest easy with the knowledge that you not only have a terrific defense attorney at your side, but also someone who genuinely wants to help you maintain your freedom.

With over 600 cases, and many years of professional experience, Marsanne and her team are fully dedicated and equipped to help you with any legal struggles you are facing.

Fully Committed to Helping Our Clients

Thank you so very much for doing a stellar job for me and my family today. I cannot express in words how much we appreciate your efforts to achieve justice.


Extensive Experience in Court

Marsanne has successfully defended clients in a broad spectrum of cases, including DUIs, domestic violence, assaults, restraining orders, sex crimes, grand theft, traffic infractions and more. She has experience representing a variety of clients, including military officers, professionals, juveniles, and repeat offenders.

In addition to criminal cases, our attorneys Marsanne and Rose also handle advising on restraining orders, writs and appeals, and administrative law, so you can rest assured that we are well-versed in courtroom proceedings.

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